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Saturday, July 23, 2011

End of July 2011

7/23/11 Here we all are rapidly approaching the end of July.  July has been a frustrating flying month with all the forest fire.  The Los Alamos fire was started by a downed power line apparently, so that makes it man made basically.  Had that not occurred, it could have been caused by a lighting strike, something that has been occuring since the beginning of our weather patterns.  It is just natures way of cleaning things up.  The burned forest will never be the same in our life time, but it will return for those in the future.  Gas prices when down for a couple weeks, but now the prices are at the highest point we have seen at Double Eagle.  6.70 per gallon for 100LL and 6.45 for self serv.  This certainly makes it difficult for many people to get out and fly.